A Nature Lover's Delight

White, sandy beaches with hidden coves, waterfalls set against the towering twin peaks, and lush forest throughout the island makes Pulau Tioman a Paradise on earth.

The thick jungle of Tioman holds many species of wildlife and plants that are endemic to the island. The isolation of the island, coupled with the short generation times of most insects and plants, make Tioman island a worthy topic of study by botanists and others.

Boulder strewn stream beds are common in the island's interior and are a source of cool water to refresh oneself after a hot and sticky trek. Some of the vegetation in the hills is primary forest where little or no disturbance has occured. Here, the undergrowth is relatively light and characterized by the presence of many palms and shrubs.

Places to Visit in Tioman Island :

Midday Beach / Funny River / Panuba Bay / Salang / tekek Village / Minang Cove / Asah Waterfall / Bagus Place Retreat / Juara Turtle Project

Places to Visit around Tioman Island :

Poseidon's House / Tulai Island / Sepoi Island / Labas Island / Soyak Island 

Things To Do


Trekking is the best way to enjoy and discover sights and sounds of the tropical jungle. It will reveal the secrets of the jungle as you go deeper. There are several trek paths in Tioman. The most favorite trek path is the 7 km. route between Tekek - Juara links East and West coast of the island. Here are some of the trek routes suggested to the the visitors, namely Mukut – Asah (2km), Mukut – Twin Peak (4km), Air Batang – Saloang (8km). Trekkers can stop to refresh themselves at the stream along the way.


There are a several waterfall on the island. The largest of them all is the Asah waterfall where waters cascade down to the rocky pool. It takes about 40 minutes to walk from Mukut village, and 20 minutes from Asah village to get to the waterfall. Another worth going waterfall is the Lubok Tija waterfall which is only half an hour walk from Juara village. The splash of cascading cool water make this place an ideal for picnics.


Climbers can take a six hours hike to conquer Mount Kajang (1,038 meters) the highest peak on the island. For rock climbing enthusiasts the sites at Tekek, Mukut and Juara are ideal for scaling. Experienced climbers can embark on an adrenaline- pumping ascent over the Gunong Si Mukut (Twin Peaks), Malaysia’s highest freestanding spire.


Tioman is covered with hilly virgin and untouched tropical rain forest sprinkled with amazing ‘flora & fauna’. The dense and lush vegetation is home to many wildlife including protected species such as mousedeer, slow loris, binturong, long tailed macaque, giant squirrel, porcupine, reptiles and amphibians. For Birders, there are 141 species of birds on the island to be watched.



Gazette in 2002 as a Free Duty Zone Tioman Island play an important role to the people who lives around the island, as well as developing Tioman into a major and favorite tourist destination. Tekek is the main village and entry point to Tioman via air and sea. It is also the largest village as well as an administrative centre for the island. Being as an administrative centre, there are government offices, air strip, police station, custom & Immigration, bank, money changer, school, mosque, clinic, shops and restaurants. Visitors can tour the village and also purchase items like cigarettes, liquor, clothes and households.


For golf enthusiasts, tee off at the 18 holes golf course at Berjaya Tioman Golf and Spa Resort at Tekek village. This international resort offer splendid beaches, restaurant, swimming pool, sea sport centre as well as scuba and snorkeling equipment. This make Berjaya Tioman is a perfect hideaway for honeymooners.