Gunung Senyum

Gunung Senyum or the Smiling Mountain Recreational Park, at 1,549 metres above sea level is an important archeological site. It is located on the Pahang River bank about 68 kilometres away from the town of Temerloh via kampung Awah and Felda Jengka 18.

The park is a part of the Jengka Forest Reserve, which covers an area of 794 hectares. Surrounded by oil palm plantations of the Jengka Felda scheme, there are two main mountains within the park, Gunung Senyum and Gunong Jebak Puyoh, the former being a popular spot to tourist and researchers.

Gunung Senyum is made up of limestone and rock, estimated to be around 3,000 years old, whilst the lowlands on the east is made of mudstone and shale estimated at around 2,100 years old.

There are 19 caves found within the park, and among the caves that arouse greater interest to scientific researchers and archeologists :

  1. Gua Terang Bulan
  2. Gua Hidang
  3. Gua Taman Satu
  4. Gua Taman Dua
  5. Gua Angin
  6. Gua Merlap
  7. Gua Kolam Tuju
  8. Gua Gajah
  9. Gua Gelap

Among the most famous legend in Gunung Senyum is the story of Tok Long, is a noble person, Tok Long who is said to have married an elf in this mountain region. The consequences of breaking a promise, Tok Long failed to find his wife back in causing elves decided meditating on it until his death. Grave in Gua Makam Tok Long is said to be evidence of a long story handed down from generation to generation.