Nature Attraction At Rompin

1. Menchali Forest Reserve

The Menchali Forest Reserve is about 16 kilometers away from Kuala Rompin. Located near Kampung Leban Chonodng, it has a total area of 630 hectares, where 191 hectares of it have been reserved for scientific research purposes while another 161 hectares has been demarcated as a recreational park.

The Menchali Recreational Park serves as an area for rest and recreations for food users plying the road to Kuantan. A short walk around the park takes a visitor through lowland peat swamps woth twering trees such as the shorea, Eugenia, hopea, calophyllum, artocarpus, catonopsis and bouea. Several species of swamp and wetlands birds are also found here. 

 2. Endau Rompin State Park 

Endau-Rompin State Park encompasses the watersheds of the rivers, Endau in Johor and Rompin in Pahang comprises some 488 sq. km. or verdant tropical rainforest. It is of major conservation significance due to the diversity of the habitats and species found within.

3. Lanjut Beach

A mere 15 kilometers away from the town of Kuala Rompin is Lanjut Beach, one of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches along the southern coast of the state. Beach activities include snorkeling and scuba diving, but golfers usually head to the Serai D’Lanjut Golf and Beach Resort. Apart from golf, visitors can try their hand at wood ball, a newly introduced game that is similar to golf but using a wooden mallet instead of iron, wood and putter.

4. Orang Asli Village

Endau-Rompin is also home to the aborigines (Orang Asli) of the Jakun tribe. Drop by at Kampung Mok near the park entry point and gain valuable insight on the Orang Asli culture. Find out how they survive in the wilderness and protect themselves with their hunting and tracking skills. See their recreational activi- ties and listen to their mesmerizing yarns about the myths of the surrounding jungles.