Royal Pahang Silk Weaving Centre

In existence since 200 years ago, Royal Pahang Silk is a proud testimony to the colourful past of the Pahang royal family. Quality silk has been produced for hundreds of years by a selected household at Pulau keladi, where the traditional and intricate weaving method has been passed down for generations. In recent years, the task of promoting Royal Pahang Silk was passed on to the Silk Weaving Centre. A wide range of silk products is now available at the centre. 

The centre produces quality fabrics which originates from Pekan, the Royal Town of Pahang. The design of the fabrics are characterised by a checkered pattern that is arranged in such a way that its colour sequence can be changed intermittently from the warp. Once an exclusive item of the Pahang Royal Palace, Tenun Pahang Diraja today has gone through various changes to suit local and foreign tastes the fabric is suitable for formal dinners, wedding ceremonies and other important events.

Open : Monday - Friday

Contact : 609 - 422 1612