Places To Visit In Pekan

1. The Sultan Abu Bakar Museum
It is located at Jalan Sultan Ahmad and facing the mighty Pahang River. The museum has a well-documented history of the state and its royal house. This repository of everything relating to the history of Pahang and its royal lineages is displayed in two huge halls that was formerly one of the royal palaces.

2. Watercraft Gallery
It is located at Sungai Beram, in front of the state museum. It displays watercrafts of different shapes and functions that were once used in the seats and rivers of Pahang. There are several life-sized replicas of the crafts, which never fail to arouse the keen interests of the visitors. 

3. Silk Weaving Gallery
The centre produces quality fabrics which originates from Pekan. The design of the fabrics are characterised by a checkered pattern that is arranged in such a way that its colour sequence can be changed intermittently from the warp. A wide range of silk products are now available at the centre.

4. The Tun Razak Memorial Hall
The memorial hall building was the house where Tun was born that has been dismantled and rebuilt on its original site and in the exact style, albeit with some new materials to replace the unusable ones. The house, measuring 8.5 meters by 14.15 metres, offers the visitor a mesmerizing experience in a typical Malay village house at the turn of the century. 

Contact : 609 - 422 3141

Nearby : Pantai Air Leleh / Pantai Sungai Miang / Pusat Ternakan Belut / Perkampungan Nelayan Nenasi / Perkampungan Nelayan Kuala Pahang / Makan Di Raja 

5. The Sultan Abu Bakar Palace

The  Sultan Abu Bakar Palace, which is the officia; residence of the present sultan, is named after the late Sultan Abu Bakar Riayatuddin AL-Muadzam Shah. Completed in 1974, the palace sits on a nicely landscaped piece of land that once was a rubber plantation. The palace is a fine example of authentic but modern Malay architecture..

Before the palace was built, the late Sultan Abu Bakar resided at Kota Beram Palace, presently the State Museum at jalan Sultan Ahmad. 

6. Lata Mentagan Waterfall

It is located 7 kilometers from Kampung belimbing and 6 kilometers from Felcra Sri Makmur.

7. Teladas Umbut Waterfall

It is located 3 kilometers from Felda Terapai 3 and can be reached using 4WD. The waterfall is 30 meters high.

8. Homestay Program.

There are homestay program at Kampung Baru Salong ( 6019 - 916 1402 ) and Kampung Sri Makmur ( 6019 - 920 6566 ).