Places In Jerantut

1. Lata Meraung Waterfall

It is located 16km from Jerantut. Lata means 'waterfall' and Meraung means 'groaning' in Malay as the cascading water hitting the pool surface and rocks sounds just like groaning people.

2. Tekam Plantation

On Tekam's 2,000 hectares are plantations of oil palm, coffee, coconut, cocoa and rubber as well as fruit orchrds. See how the crops are  harvested for commercial purposes. Book one of the resort's 34 rooms especially in the months of July and August as it is the fruit season.

Contact : 609 - 471 8300

3. Temin Craft

It is located in Temin Village, 4 kilometers from Jerantut.

4. Benom Mountain

It is located near Ulu Cheka Village. Gunung Benom is the 6th tallest mountain in Malaysia, at over 2,110 meters above sea level. Visitor will need 3 days to climb to the top of the mountain. 

Activities : Mountain Climbing / Jungle Trekking / Camping / Bird Watching / Bamboo Rafting / Visiting Orang Asli Settlement

Contact : 609 - 279 0585