Mysterious Caves

These mysterious subterranean caverns dot the terrain from Jerantut to the heart of Taman Negara. Unless you'd rather stay put and observe from distance, be sure to note that serious exploration and caving activitiesmay requiare a seasoned guide. The legendary Kota Gelanggi caves system in Jerantut is set within a well-kept enclave complete with a Visitor's Centre.

Contact : 609 - 471 8300

Here is the list of caves in Jerantut

  1. Gua Tongkat
  2. Gua Balai
  3. Gua Sanding
  4. Gua Terang Bulan
  5. Gua Penyu
  6. Gua Angin
  7. Gua Hijau
  8. Gua Tangga 99
  9. Gua Telinga - most popular, just half an hour walk from the Jetty or one hour walk from Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara.
  10. Gua Daun Menari - Taman Negara ( Kuala Keniyam )
  11. Gua Besar - Taman Negara ( Kuala Keniyam )
  12. Gua Kepayang - Taman Negara ( Kuala Keniyam )
  13. Gua Luas - Taman Negara ( Kuala Keniyam )
  14. Can be reached via Kuala Keniyam, 2 hours by boat from Kuala Tahan