Darul Makmur Waterpark

Another new place exciting in Pahang to enjoy is Darul Makmur Water Park! For your information, this Darul Makmur Water Park has just been operational. Darul Makmur Water Park is a family holiday location by MUIP (Islamic Religious Council and Malay Customs) of the same management at Hotel Darul Makmur. Put simply, this water park is owned by MUIP and is not wholly-owned by the State Government of Pahang. As a result, MUIP will distribute it for the use of aid to those in need such as giving alms and aid to religious schools in Pahang.

This Darul Makmur Water Park is located in the Old Town of Jerantut, all you have to do is look for the Old Town of Jerantut to get here. With 2.5 acres of land, Darul Makmur Water Park can accommodate up to 500 visitors at a time. Darul Makmur Water Park houses three main water games, the main pool, the children's pool, and the sled. Interestingly, each of these ponds is named after the trees found in the National Park such as Tasik Meranti, Pantai Cengal, and Lubuk Tualang.