Fun Outdoor Activities At Fraser's Hill

1. Nature Trails 

Eight natural trails, each named after pioneer naturalist is marked around Fraser's Hill. Hire a guide to help with the navigation, so that you can make your communion with nature more rewarding. Popular trails include the Kindersley Trail, Mager Trail, Abu Suradi Trail, Rompin Trail, Bishop's Trail, Hemmant Trail, Maxwell Trail and the Pine Tree Trail. Discover rare tarantulas and unique earth spiders that will sate the curiosity of even hardcore arachnid aficionados. 

Contact : 609 - 362 2007

2. Golfing
Take your golfing to another level by teeing off at the Fraser's Hill Course. this challenging 9-hole course was designed by Frank Hemmant in 1925, is the oldest course in the country. The cool weather is a great incentive for golfers to play all day long.

3. Bird Watching
Step into the Fraser's Hill Nature Education Centre and the newly-opened Bird Interpretive Centre, where you can learn more about the wondrous species of migratory and local birds that head for these parts around the 1st quarter of each year.

4. International Bird Race
The annual Fraser's Hill International Bird Race is an eagerly-awaited event for birders and bird enthusiasts from all over the world. A very interesting event, the bird race is an occasion for fun and excitement in this little hamlet in the clouds. The race is not a competition among the birds, but a challenging 24-hour window for teams to identify the most number of birds in the area.

5. Archery
Try your skill in archery for MYR11. You will be provided with a bow and 10 arrows, and fire your target about 10 metres away. If you're a novice but hit the bullseye at least once, consider taking up archery as a hobby! With calm and cold environment, this is a good place to start archery.

6. Horse Riding at The Paddock
The Paddock opens from 9am till 6.30pm daily, except for Saturdays and public holidays where it closes at 6.30pm. In the afternoon, expect the Paddock to be closed between 12.30pm to 2pm as the staff go out for lunch. This small equestrian course has several retired racing horses for visitors to ride at MYR6.50 per round for children and MYR9 for adults.

7. Visit Allan's Water

You can rent few small paddle boats from the park attendant stationed at the entrance. Each boat can fits several people - the waters of the lake are calm and you can float about safely, taking in the serenity and scenery before paddling back onshore. If you're looking a nice break from crowded areas on your holiday here, then Allan's Water is the perfect place for small families to relax and enjoy.

MYR9 for 15 minutes - 2 person for one boat.

8. Visit Jeriau Waterfall

It is located 3 kilometers from the town. You can have a picnik with your family or spend relaxing time here. You need to walk to the destination.