Endau Rompin State Park

Endau-Rompin State Park encompasses the watersheds of the rivers, Endau in Rompin in Pahang and comprises some 488 sq. km. of verdant tropical rainforest. Lush and virtually untouched, it is one of the few remaining lowland forests in the country. It is of major conservation significance due to the diversity of the habitats and species found within. The tropical rainforest of Endau-Rompin State Park has been in existence for more than one million years and is reputed as one of the oldest rainforests in the world.

There are 14,500 flowering plants, 600 species of flowers, 140 species of snakes, 150 species of frogs and toads and more than 1,000 species of insects. An Endau-Rompin Heritage Expeditions of 1985 and 1986 had discovered more than 25 new species of endemic plants and several rock formations estimated to be around 248 million years old.

Visitors can go for jungle trekking within the jungle trails in the park. Along the 26km trails, visitors will pass a beautiful 50-metres Mahkota Waterfalls with a unique cave in the middle of it and also Buaya Sangkut Falls - a 40 metres high waterfall with a fascinating rock formations. 

There are fishing spots in the area : Kinchin River and Kemapan River. The best time to go fishing in this area are from February to April and June to August. There are also campsites available at Kinchin River base camp.

There are many other water activities that you can try, like river rafting and water abseiling.

Mahkota Waterfall is a 50 metre-high mesmerising waterfall located in the Endau-Rompin State Park. Visitor from the base camp will have to trek about 45 minutes to reach the waterfall.

There is a very unique cave in the middle of the waterfall called Kelapa Gading Cave, which is 25 meters high.

It is a perfect spot to swim and picnic.