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Top Activities In Sungai Lembing

1. Hanging Bridge
Sungai Lembing has a few hanging bridges to connect people from the other side of the river to the main town. 'Jambatan Gantung' means hanging bridge and it is used by the local to walk and you can even ride a motobike on this bridge.

2. Rainbow Waterfall
If you are planning on seeing the rainbow, you need to plan ahead and start on your journey early, as it can only be seen in the morning. It will take around 1 hour drive on 4W drive and another 45 minutes trekking to the fall. The trail is well-signposted and it will lead your way to the waterfall. 

Contact : + 6014-828 7121

3. Panaroma Hill
You can watch the sunrise at Panorama Hill. You need to climb the stair to the top of the hill to enjoy the scenery. It will take around 45 minutes walk on average.
Tips :
Bring your own torch light because there will be no lights along the way.
Avoid going on weekend due to the large crowds.

5. Gunung Tapis Park
It is about 16 kilometers away from Sungai Lembing. It provides excellent opportunities for the more adventurous to shoot the rapids on rafts. Camping sites are available for visitors, who can have side activities like jungle trekking, bird watching or simply soaking themselves in the natural hot-springs.

Contact Pesona Adventure Camp : + 6014 - 828 7121

6. Bekelah Waterfall

It is located 5 kilometers from Kampung Paya Gelugor, 60 kilometers west of Kuantan, on the old Kuala Lumpur - Kuantan road. Bekelah has a series of seven cascading waterfalls. Visitors can come hear to have camping, picnics or swimming.

Contact : 609 - 478 0488

7. Agro Resort Sungai Semuji

The Agro Resort Sungai Semuji in Kuantan offers a holiday of tranquility and fun in the midst of a tropical wilderness. Here, you will happily find modern-day convenience harmonized thoughtfully with a host of leisure pursuits of the ‘nature’ kind. One of the most popular must undoubtedly be the ‘Durian Waiting’ season. This takes place usually from June through August when swollen golden-green ‘durian’ detaches itself from free limbs upon ripening. During this season, visitors pay a certain ‘package fee’ to be allowed to linger in the orchards awaiting the descent of this succulent ‘king of fruits’ in all its aromatic glory.

8.Sultan Haji Ahmad Agriculture Park

Originally established by the Department of Agriculture in 1988, the 300-hectare park serves primarily as a research station and one of the many agriculture development centers in the country. It is divided into fruit orchards, arboretum, spice farms, recreational park, campsites, an exhibition centre, research station and a forest reservation area. The park now offers you a pleasant introduction to the many exotic tropical plants, fruits and spices. When in season, fruits such as rambutan, durians and mangosteen are available for the visitors to sample and buy. A walk in the forest reserves provides you with an excellent opportunity to be mesmerized by the magic of the Tropical Rain Forest in the chorus of cicadas and the various species of feathered songstresses.


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