Cherating Village

Cherating village is also known as Kampong Budaya, located 47 kilometers from Kuantan. It is a famous village among local and international tourists.

In the 70s, Cherating was only a quiet traditional fishing village. Today, it has bloom into an exciting mix of traditional and modern resorts, playing host to many, the world over. At Cherating, you'll find an endless list of leisure activities and local attractions like top spinning (gasing), mat weaving, or even leatherback turtles laying their eggs, coconut plucking monkeys and other various water sport activities. 

Other then spending your leisure time here, you might also indulge yourself with unique things such as kite or Wau flying. On a clear and sunny day, you can see people fly the kites. You can also learn the art of making Wau from the elderly whose knowledge and skills.

Another opportunity not to be missed is learning the art of weaving pandanus leaves into various crafts and souvenirs. You can learn to make hats, mats, bags and such things. You can also try hand-painted or printed batik painting from the village folks. It is usually to produce beautiful fabrics like scarves, bags, footwears, bedsheets, apparels, etc.

Pulau Ular means 'The Snake Island' in English. People might think the island got its name because the island is full with snakes. But according to the locals, a long time ago, snakes were spotted at the estuary and off to the island. Hence the name of the island.  It is a location suitable for relaxing, fishing, picnic, swimming and snorkeling. The water is shallow and the waves are not hard to manoeuvre, suitable for new learners. The journey to Snake Island via Snake River takes around 20 minutes. If you want to try snorkeling here, you can contact Hafiz at +6 017 978 9256 / +6 013 939 9256.