Farms & Nurseries

There are many flowers, vegetables and fruit farms alongside the main road from Sungai Ikan to Ringlet. Most farms offer a wide range of colourful flowers and fresh vegetables and fruits for you to bring home. 

List of Flowers, Vegetables & Fruits Farm to Visit

  • Rich Flora Strawberry Centre
  • Blue Valley Flowers Farm
  • Step In
  • Low Seok Ie Vegetable & Flower Nursery
  • Water Crest Valley
  • Cameron Highlands Orchids & Roses Garden
  • Green Farm
  • Fragrance Nursery
  • Unc Sam Farm
  • Multicrops Central Market
  • Goodwill Flower Enterprise
  • Valder Mega Floriculture Centre
  • Green View Garden
  • Low Orchid Garden
  • Fong Huat Nursery
  • Agro-Technology Agro Mardi
  • Taman Agro Al-Mashoor
  • Glory 78
  • Cactus Point ( Brinchang )
  • Cactus Valley ( Brinchang )
  • Rose Valley
  • Rose Centre



The Cactus Vally in Brinchang is built on terraced grounds and has a overhead cover of skylight  roof. It is a thorny affair indeed, with some as old as 60 years. At ground levels are strawberry plants, while on the upper are a profusion of bloom, cacti and even apple trees.

List of Cactus Garden to Visit

  • Cactus Point
  • Cactus Valley




The largest rose centre in Cameron Highlands is located at the Rose Centre, near Brinchang. It has over 100 varieties of roses growing on terraced gardens. Souvenirs of pressed roses are available on sale.

List of Rose Garden to Visit