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K-Design Hotel

24 July 2017 by 0 Comment Raub 33710 Views
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K-Design Hotel has become a accommodation which is located at RAUB city center.Guests may enjoy easy access to the city's major touris spott, shopping, and dining area. Besides that, there are a few banks around such as CIMB BANK, PUBLIC BANK, MAYBANK and etc.
The strategic location makes it convenient for the salesperson/ businessman from outstation. With the high quality and comfortable space provided makes it teh fvourite spot business trip rest stop for the salesperson/ businessman from outstaion.There is no breakfast provided. Hoever, there are many restaurants nearby with different varieties.Room design is unique and comfortable, clean, and the price is reasonable too. This is an ideal place for people who comes to Raub for working or traveling.There are 23 guest rooms with various color and styles. This gives the guests visual comfort and allowed them to experience the creativity of the room designer.

Additional Info

  • Types: Hotels
  • Address: 43,tingkatan 1 & 2, kallang budget hotel, bandar raub perdana, 27600 raub pahang. Malaysia
  • Telephone: 09-3556655
  • Websites/ Blogs:
  • Number Of Rooms: 23