Gaur Rehabilitation Centre Jenderak

The Seladang or Guar (bos gaurus) breeding cente in Jenderak, Temerloh, was opened in 1982 with sole aim of providing a sanctuary for the protected seladang which has been classified as vulnerable.Occupying an area of about 20 hectares, the centre has 27 animals enclosures and paddocks.

The seladang is Malaysia's second largest land mammals after the elephants. Shy but sociable by nature, the seladangs used to roam freely in the Rain Forest where lowland river valleys are their preferred grazing grounds. However, logging coupled with the extensive opening of lands for agriculture and housing forced the seladang to abandon their natural habitats.

The centre also runs a breeding programme for sambar deers. There are currently about 40 animals, but small herds of one male and several females are kept in separate enclosures.