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One of the oldest towns in the State of Pahang, Raub began in the early 1800 as a gold mining settlement. The gold rush was undoubtedly responsible for its early development as one of the more lucrative centres for trade and commerce. Remnants of those glorious days and colonnial past are evident in the fine old buildings that scatter around the town.


Nestled in the valleys of the Main Range, Raub offers visitors travel options of the adventurous kind.

Famous Food from Raub's Pekan Sehari : Kacang Sempalit & Gula Kabung


Places to Visit in Raub :

1. Lata Berembun
To get there head towards Kampung Baru Sungai Chalit. It is about 30 km away from Raub via a rough drive through fruit orchards, oil palm and rubber plantation by a four wheel drive vehicle. It has the only natural water slides. The waterfall is gloriously set with a picturesque backdrop that naturally offers great spots for picnics. The wild and domesticated fruit trees yields fruits aplenty during the picking season.


2. Lata Jarum & Pulau Chekas
Lata Jarum is a popular spot for family outings. It has a series of rapids that culminate in a cool rock pool. Located 35 km. from Raub Town visitor must go to a small town called Dong. From the junction it will take another half an hour journey through a village road until Kampong Ulu Dong. Just a few more kilometers, you will first reach Pulau Chekas another swimming and picnic spot and not long after that is the Lata Jarum Fall ot the Lata Jarum Recreational Forest.

This place is developed by the Forestry Department in the vicinity of Ulu Dong Reserve Forest. There are a number of facilities provide for the visitors such as toilet, rest bench, stalls, parking area, suspension bridge and camp-site. For those who are looking for cosy treatment, there are chalets available manage by the local entrepreneur.

Jungle trekking is a rewarding activity, engage a guide to take you deep into the jungle to see ‘Rafflesia’ ( the biggest flower on earth ), herbs plants, as well as giant tropical trees. Local bus service is available from Dong – Ulu Dong, taxi can be hired from Raub/Kuala Lipis/Dong. Since this is a forest reserve, please keep clean, do help to conserve the ‘Flora and Fauna’ for the future generation.

Find Rafflesia , tour guide : 609 - 355 1060 

3. Lata Lembik
You may reach this spot from Raub to Kg Ulu Sungai, then proceed to an orang asli settlement named "Pos Buntu". From this point onwards it's only 3 km to the cascading waters. This scenic waterfall features an intriguing natural rock formation that is over millions of years old.

There are public toilets, surau, parking lots, camping site, and food stalls available.

To reach this cascading waterfall from Raub Town you must drive in a direction to Felda Sungai Koyan and turn left at the junction to Ulu Sungai until you arrive at an Orang Asli Settlement called Pos Buntu. From there it is another 3 kilometers to the waterfall. Public transport is not available, If you were to drive it will take about one hour from Raub. The facilities provided includes parking, toilet, stall and camping sites.

4. Jeram Besu
For the thrills and spills of white water rafting, try Jeram Besu, which is fast becoming a haven for white water rafting enthusiasts. The place is known as one of the best places in the Peninsula for white water rafting and kayaking, offering a challenge to beginners as well as the experienced. It's located on the trunk road between Raub and Kuala Lipis and about 8 kms from the town of Benta.

Engage a local agent to arrange for white water rafting from Jeram Besu itself row down along Lipis river until Penjom village (first stop) or further down to Kuala Lipis. This river trip might take only half a day or the whole day long. This nature adventure trip is a must try activity for the outdoor enthusiasts.

5. Pekan Sehari
These Pekan Sehari (weekly bazar) is held on every Sunday at two different places, Raub Town and Benta. People from local villages come with their products as early as 7.00 in the morning until 12.00 noon.

If you are looking for something extraordinary product, here is the right place. Here you will find a lot of vegetables, fruits, fresh water fish and Ulam-Ulam (vegetable taken raw). Special local delicacies such as Nasi Keduli, Gula Kabong (brown sugar), Sempalit Ground Nut, Asam Rom, Keladi Kemahang, Sambal Belimbing Hitam and Lemang are also available.

6. Homestay Program
Raub also boost for their homestay program located at Kampong Sungai Pasu and Gali Hilir some 12 km. away from Raub town towards Kuala Lipis. There are interesting packages available for a day, 2 days and 3 days.

The opportunity to stay with local host, eat local foods, taking part in local activities should not be missed. Activities available during your stay will include Rubber tapping, White water rafting, fishing, Waterfall, Traditional music and dances, learn ‘Silat’ (The Malay arts of self-defence) and Kompang. In addition to that, local delicacies such as Asam Rom, Sambal Belimbing Hitam, Lemang and Sambal pecal is must try product. For an outdoor activities you may visit an Orang Asli settlement and do jungle trekking.


Getting there

By Road:

Raub is located in the North West Of Pahang State. It is about 145 km. from Kuala Lumpur and 215 km. from Kuantan and easily accessible by road. From Kuala Lumpur you may take the KL – Karak Highway to Bentong then proceed to Raub Town. From Kuantan take the East Coast Highway toward Bentong then continue your journey until Raub. Both local and express bus services leave regularly from Pekeliling Bus Terminal in Kuala Lumpur and Terminal Makmur in Kuantan. Taxi is always available from these two towns.

From northern part of the peninsular you may drive toward Kuala Kubu Baru then proceed to Raub via the gap in Fraser’s Hill. From Kota Baharu you may take a long distance bus to Kuala Lumpur and stop at Raub. From Cameron Highlands (Ringlet) a 11/2 hours drive through the new highway to Raub.

Alternatively, you may take a train form Pasir Mas in Kelantan, Singapore, Johor Bharu and Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Lipis then proceed to Raub.

Useful Information

Contact Info:

District Office
+Tel: 609-355 1963


Town Council
+ Tel: 609-355 1963


Forestry Department
+ Tel: 609-355 1060


Orang Asli Department
+ Tel: 609-355 9542


Wildlife Department
+ Tel: 609-355 1113


Police Station
+ Tel: 609-355 2222


Fire & Rescue
+ Tel: 609-355 4444


Bus Station
+ Tel: 609-567 2591


Taxi Station
+ Tel: 609-355 1845


Railway Station (K. Lipis)
+ Tel: 609-312 1341


General Hospital
+ Tel: 609-355 3333

Things to do

Jeram Besu

Lata Jarum Waterfall

Pulau Chekas

Lata Berembun Waterfall

Kela Adventure Camp

Lata Lembik Waterfall

Sempalit Ground Nut

Homestay at Sungai Pasu

Kampong Gali Hilir

Brown Sugar ( Gula Kabung )

Nasi Keduli


Orang Asli Settlement


4 x 4 Adventure


Accommodation Listing


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