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About 58 kilometres off Peninsular Malaysia's east coast, in the South China Sea, lies Tioman Island, a tear-shaped island paradise. Tioman Island, measuring 38 kilometres long and 19 kilometres at its widest, is the largest in a group of the 64 volcanic islands. The striking profile of the twin peaks of Simukut Mountain provides a remarkable landmark to this beautiful island, reputed to be one of the ten most beautiful and idyllic island in the world.



Tioman Island is said to be the final resting place of a fabled dragon princess from China. Legend has it that on her way to visit a prince in Temasek (Singapore), she made a stop at Tioman where she immediately fell in love with the charms and beauty of the island. She decided to dedicated her life to weary travelers by giving them shelter and comfort while resting on the island.



There are several villages in Tioman Island : Tekek, Genting, Paya, Nipah, Mukut, Juara, Salang and Air Batang Village.


A Nature Lover's Delight

A Nature Lover's Delight White, sandy beaches with hidden coves, waterfalls set against the towering twin peaks, and lush forest throughout the island makes Pulau Tioman a Paradise on earth.

Underwater Paradise

Endowed with miles of soft, white sand, swaying palms, wild flowers growing in a vivid of colours, cool waterfalls cascading down mass-covered rocky slopes and rustic charming villages inhabited by friendly hosts, Tioman Island is a perfect sun-seekers' and adventurers' paradise.

Take Nothing But Photographs, Leave Nothing But Footprint.


Getting there

Either by sea or by air, Tioman Island is conveniently accessible. It is just a 70-minute ferry ride away from the jetties at Tanjung Gemok.


By air, you can fly either from Singapore Seletar Airport or LCCT Subang Airport.


Getting around in Tioman is interesting and fun as boats are the main form of transportation. There are no car on the island except around Tekek. All villages have regular boat and sea bus services that connect from one village to the other. Speed boats can be hired for trips around the island, bicycles and motorbikes can be rented for a short excursion.

Useful Information

Contact Info:

Tioman Development Authority
+ Tel: 609-419 1242

Rompin Town Council
+ Tel: 609-414 6688


Tekek Health Centre
+ Tel: 609-419 1880


Tioman Immigration
+ Tel: 609-419-1269


Tioman Police Station
+ Tel : 609-419 1167


Ferry Terminal
+ 609-413 1442
+ 609-413 1363
+ 607-799 4811


Berjaya Air
+ Tel : 603-7846 8228

Tranasional (Kuantan)
+ Tel: 609-514 7394

Taxi Station
+ Tel: 609-422 2211

Things to do

Scuba Diving


Jungle Trekking


Visiting Asah Waterfall

Visit Tulai Island

Duty Free at Tekek Village

Island Hopping

Asah Waterfall

Marine Park



Accommodation Listing


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