Chendor Beach

It is located about 2 kilometers from Cherating and a natural extension of Cherating beach. The beach is usually not very crowded compared to other beaches in the area. You can also try traditional foods like otak-otak, satar, and keropok lekor near Chendor town.

At the Chendor Turtle Sanctuary, from May to September, visitors can watch green turtles and occasionnally giant leatherbacks toil ashore to lay eggs. The Turtle Sanctuary is managed by the Fisheries Department who also provides an information centre.  


This sanctuary is a tribute to the gentle giants of the South Seas, the near extinct Leatherback turtles, that made Chendor Beach their destination of choice to lay their eggs. The Chendor Turtle Sanctuary is located only a few minutes drive from Cherating. A small turtle information centre, a souvenir kiosk, and turtle pools with live Green or Ridley turtles are kept for conservation purposes. It is a recommended spot for turtle watching ( April - September )

Additional Information

Timetable : 
This place can be visited during office hours from TUESDAY - SUNDAY and closed on Monday. For those who intend to watch turtle in the evening please inform the beach guide or call the centre at 09-581 9087. Beside this, you could also ask the management to participate in releasing babies turtle back to their home.

Contact : 609 581 9087.

Direction : If you are coming from Kuantan, follow the direction to Kemamam/Kuala Terengganu towards Cherating by using the scenic coastal highway route No. 3. You will see the signage that takes you to Club Med and Cherating Turtle Sanctuary.


Fees : Free 

Only a few kilometers from there you could try some traditional foods like the famous ‘Satar’ and ‘Otak-Otak’ as well as ‘Keropok Lekor’. All these can be found along the road at a little town of Chendor.

2. CLUB MED CHERATING ( 47 km ):

Club Med Cherating is the first Asia Club Mediterranean (Club Med), a unique concept for holiday makers, suitable for outdoor adventurous visitors and built to accommodate families and kids. Cherating is the perfect spot suited for this needs, with lush thick greens of rainforest around, making it ideal for jungle trekking and bird watching, whereas on the other end is the wide blue sea with long white sandy beach for water activities and relaxation. 

One of the most popular activities is archery, golf and sailing, suitable for all levels of expertise, making trying for the first time all fun and exciting. There are experienced trainers around to perfect and guide your steps and skills. Apart from that, there are exciting performances and games around such as magic show, animal circus and bingo to escape the heat in the noon time. There are plenty of cafe, restaurant and bar around for all day dinning and drinking.

To keep you busy there are ‘Guest Organizer’ (GO) around to guide and assist you in making your holiday more fun and exciting. The experience trainer is always around to help you to manage doing activities and play games. During meals, plenty of foods (especially French Delicacies) will be served at the restaurant. For non Muslim people there are Café & Bar selling liquor and beer. In addition to that, in the evening, you can relax and watch the exciting performances such as ‘Games Show’ and ‘Magic Show’ perform at the open theatre as well as disco at the beach front.

For the young, there are 'Children Club', children nursery, games room and library to allow your kids to mingle and get to know other kids around. Your children will be having fun and taken care.

Additional Information

Address : H.V.O.M. 29th Miles, Jln Kuantan-Kemaman 26080 Kuantan, Pahang
Telephone : (60) 9 581 91 33 / (60) 9 581 91 25 / (60) 9 581 91 31
Fax : (60) 9 581 91 72 

Transport :
By Road : It's a 3.5 hour drive through the East Coast expressway from Kuala Lumpur. Take the Kuantan exit and then take the coastal road towards 'Cherating Kampung'. There are many express buses to Cherating, Kuantan from Kuala Lumpur Pudu Station (4 hrs), Lavender Bus Terminal Singapore (6 hrs) and Larkin Bus station, JB (5 hrs). 

By Air : MAS provide daily flights to Kuantan and at the airport catch a taxi to Cherating (45 min) or arrange for a ground transfer with the resort.