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Nora's Chalet

14 August 2017 by 0 Comment Tioman Island 43313 Views
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Nora's Chalet consists of 10 pretty basic wooden cabins at the southern section of Salang, in the north of Tioman Island. Apart from the simple nature of the lodgings and the welcome low room rates, we were smitten by the magnificent jungle-covered mountain backdrop just adjacent to Nora's Chalet.  What's really amazing is that the picturesque mountain side just "greens out" as far as the eye can see, and it's such an awesome sight that you really need gaze at it for some time in order to fully be able to take in. I guess city life has more or less reprogrammed our vision from distant mountain vistas and untouched jungle to city skylines and concrete jungle. Being able to set your sight at far-away panoramas is one of the reasons that drew us to Tioman.

Additional Info

  • Types: Chalets
  • Address: Kampung Salang, 86800 Pulau Tioman, Pahang, Malaysia
  • Telephone: 09-4195003
  • Number Of Rooms: 12