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Tropical Coral Inn

10 August 2017 by 0 Comment Tioman Island 36025 Views
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A group of my friends and I had left our Tioman booking till way too late, but luckily Tropical Coral Inn had 2 rooms available. Perfect for us, so we quickly snapped them up. Mind you, we weren't sure what to expect from a place that still had rooms when every other resort in Tioman was fully booked, but in hindsight, it's safe to say that Tropical Coral Inn is a little gem. Tropical Coral Inn is a budget hostel, so don't be expecting anything grandiose or majestic. Tropical Coral Inn is pretty basic and it's pretty cheap. But if you're good with basic and cheap, then give Tropical Coral Inn a go. You won't be disappointed. Anyways, believe you me, most of your days in Tioman will be spent outside somewhere. So as long as you're dry at night and you have a decent bed to sleep in, you're good to go with Tropical Coral Inn.

Additional Info

  • Types: Chalets
  • Address: Genting Village, tioman Island 26800 Rompin, Pahang
  • Telephone: 09-4197041, 07-7321316, 09-4197041, 08-9782766
  • Number Of Rooms: 20