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  • Rice is the staple food of Malaysia, and comes in many varieties and forms. It is used for both savory and sweet dishes and cakes. Malay cuisine is generally spicy and makes great use of the coconut. One such dish is ‘nasi lemak’, which consists of rice cooked in coconut milk and savored with spicy anchovy sauce, hardboiled egg, peanuts and cucumber.
  • A must however, even for the uninitiated is ‘sate’, a popular Malay dish. Succulent morsels of marinated meat are skewered on palm fronds and barbecued on an open flame. Eaten with spicy peanut sauce, fresh cucumber, onions and ketupat (rice boiled in woven palm leaf cases) sate is the ‘kebab’ of the Malay world.
  • Dim sum, a Chinese traditional cuisine with over 30 delicacies is but one of the many items on the Chinese menu. The incredible numbers of ways in which rice and noodles are prepared by the Chinese only proves that innovation and creativity knows no boundaries.
  • One of the more popular Indian cuisines is the ‘briyani’, a rice dish cooked with spices. It is served with a choice of chicken, beef or lamb cooked in an assortment of spices. Another popular cuisine of the Indians is ‘naan’, a kind of bread. It is served along with curry and chicken ‘tikka’.
  • Fish-based dishes are almost a necessary feature, because both salt and fresh water fish are easily available in Pahang. The further you travel away from the sea, the more often you will find fresh water fish and prawns prepared for the table. Since some of the longer and bigger rivers in Peninsular Malaysia can be found in the state, it is little wonder that Pahang is well-known for the prized fish such as ‘patin’, ‘jelawat’, ‘temalian’, ‘kelah’ (Malay Masheer) and ‘baung’. Prepared in traditional Malay cooking style, they are very much sought after for their exquisite tastes.

Food Paradise In Pahang

Pahang boasts of an unending variety of delicacies. Malay, Chinese and Indian food will never fail to stimulate the taste buds and arouse the adventurer in you. Fine European cuisine can also be found at major hotels and restau- rants.

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